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Twenty (Indie Feature Film)

Rate: $75 daily rate plus meals

Shoot: Jan/Feb 2022


Description: A group of four friends are on the way to a roaring twenties party when they glitch into an alternate reality mixed with the 1920’s and modern technology. In this world there is a prohibition on privacy and all electronic communication is now public. The group of friends have to debunk a corrupt bootlegging scheme and face their personal shortcomings to get back to the normal world. 


Submit your resume, headshot and video reel to


Upon submitting for a role, we might ask you to join an in-person audition.

Auditions take place Saturday, July 17th from 11am – 2pm in Milpitas, CA.

Auditions will be in a small group format and be slotted every 20 minutes. We will send sides and audition information. 

If you’re unavailable for an in-person audition, we will accept a self-tape. Thanks!





Male, early 40’s


Wesley is a very charming and successful startup investor, on the cutting edge of technology, and a gentleman to his close friends. Technology is fun for him, and after his startup company went public, he became financially well off. He is very generous with his newfound wealth, almost to a fault. He is so trusting and engrossed with tech life that he misses social cues and could easily be fooled.

Female, early 40’s

Naomi is a “new-agey” Santa Cruz yoga instructor who never jumped on the technology band wagon. She still owns a flip phone and thinks we’re better off without the constant influence of technology. Naomi trusts her instincts more than technology and feels people and their intentions. Despite her differences with her techy friends, she still fits in socially because of her friendly demeanor and willingness to help.

Female, late 30’s

Myra is the local socialite who is up for any adventure but maintains shallow relationships to protect herself. She has been hurt in the past and has a reputation-damaging secret that she’d like to keep private. When she discovers her feelings for Gabe, she struggles with a way to open up because she fears being vulnerable. Despite this, she’s still the life of the party and cares for her close friends.



Male, late 30’s



Gabe recently got out of a long term relationship and is regaining his confidence with the help of his friends. His last relationship ended when he found out his ex-girlfriend was cheating on him, and he was left cynical. Luckily, he has close group of friends, and his quirkiness and humor serve as the comedic relief. As his feelings for Myra grow, he struggles with a way to tell her, especially after she continues to evade revealing her secret.



Male, 30’s


The Bartender is the mastermind behind the major bootlegging scheme. He comes off as sincere in his desire to help with his bootlegging services but takes advantage of those who can gain him financial benefit. He is sneaky in his conversation style and intentions, which most can’t pick up on except Naomi. Eventually his truth is revealed, and we discover that he is in cahoots with the Park Rangers.

Female, 30’s

Rosemary is working with the Bartender in the bootlegging scheme. She pretends to be outwardly helpful and caring but secretly records information that can damage Myra. 

Male, 50’s

Hal is a Santa Cruz Park Ranger and firm believer in the law. He is partnered with a new, young ranger, Raymond, who is naïve but devoted. This has given him the opportunity to show his seniority and mentor Ray.


Male, late 20’s

Ray is a new Park Ranger that is learning the ways of the law. He is easily ticked off and has to learn how to remain calm in all situations. He follows in his father’s footsteps, who was also a Park Ranger, and adheres to the law because it’s just the way it is. 



Other Roles (Auditioning Later):



Male, any age
Bit part

The DJ is playing local music at the silent disco. He has a great sound system and willing to invite anyone on the dance floor.


Female, 30’s

Shana is the technical engineer behind the bootlegging scheme. She works in the upstairs rooms and makes sure that the technology is functioning. She gains people’s confidence in order to scam them, but reveals through a blunder that she can’t be trusted.

Josh (Myra’s Son)

Male, 6-8 year’s old
Bit part

Myra’s son is eager to learn about the world, especially his idol Wesley. He is a funny kid who constantly plays games on his phone.

Bouncer (Voice Only)

Bit part


Male/Female, any age

Bit part
The barista brews coffee drinks!