Hello! Now accepting self tapes auditions for the role of the DJ

Twenty (Indie Feature Film)

Rate: $75 daily rate plus meals

Shoot: Jan/Feb 2022


Description: A group of four friends are on the way to a roaring twenties party when they glitch into an alternate reality mixed with the 1920’s and modern technology. In this world there is a prohibition on privacy and all electronic communication is now public. The group of friends have to debunk a corrupt bootlegging scheme and face their personal shortcomings to get back to the normal world. 


Submit your resume and headshot to


Upon submitting, we will send you sides for the role of the DJ.
Please send a short video clip (either attachment or unlisted YouTube video) to
Deadline: September 12th, 2021 at noon PST






Male, any age
Bit part (1-2 day shoot)

The DJ is playing local music at the silent disco. He has a great sound system and willing to invite anyone on the dance floor.
The DJ knows about a lot of local music from Santa Cruz and spins three different sets at once (different music for each color headphone at the silent disco). Here’s a video clip of what a silent disco is like: 
Should have experience with equipment and persona of a DJ.