With our first round of auditions coming up, we thought we’d share some tips for the big day! 

1. Have all of your housekeeping sorted out ahead of time
It’s best when your headshot, resume, and sides are ready to go! No crinkles, no last minute flipping to find materials. If you have a 8″ x 10″ headshot, you better figure out how to cut down an 8 1/2 x 11″ resume and have it look good.  

2. I know you’re an actor, but it’s not really about you
You’re auditioning for a unique character that someone has imagined. Your job is add your skill and show how the character can become a living, breathing person with strengths and weaknesses. Try your best to imagine what the director and screenwriter have intended.. and if your gut is telling to play it a certain way, re-imagine the character and use your talent to express it!

3. Come prepared for a pivot

We all have a certain amount of expectations for an audition, but nothing will ever go quite as smooth as we’d like. Maybe the casting director will want to do a chemistry test, do an improved scene or ask for a prepared monologue. Whatever the case, don’t worry about it! Go with the flow! The other side of the table is just as excited as you are.

4. Be there for the right reason

If you’re looking to be an actor, is this part a stepping stone in that direction? Or are you just auditioning to get in some practice? Regardless of the motivation, be thoughtful with your intentions so you can have the most rewarding experience. Use every moment to gain wisdom. It’s all a journey!